In commemoration with the World Health Day, the Department of Clinical Nutrition, in association with Unnat Bharath Abhiyan, organized a Nutrition awareness camp on the theme "My Health, My Right" at Kolathur Village – Chengalpattu dist.  on 30.4.2024 for Self-help group women. The camp aimed to raise awareness about Preserving nutrients during cooking and promote overall health well-being through informed dietary choices.

Highlights of the Event:

Nutritional Awareness sessions were conducted to educate participants on the importance of preserving nutrients while cooking. Nutritional assessment was done for all the participants. Informative posters were exhibited, covering topics such as Using different types of metals for cooking, Implications of plastics in cooking and serving Processes, Benefits of whole grains and sprouts, Dietary considerations for PCOS, bone health, and anaemia. Students staged skits focusing on correct cooking techniques, strategies to increase protein content in food. Several videos were screened to demonstrate optimal cooking temperatures for vegetables, home gardening techniques for microgreens, methods to retain the color and nutrients of vegetables. Engaging quizzes were conducted to reinforce participants' understanding of nutrient-preserving techniques. A comprehensive talk on balanced diet principles was led by Ms. Nandhini. G, followed by an interactive Q&A session. The camp served as a platform for the community to learn about the significance of nutrition in maintaining good health. It empowered individuals to make informed dietary choices for a healthier lifestyle.

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