Development of adopted villages through VDP with understading.


The Associate director(CL) and Faculties Coordinate ... and their contribution.

  • Dr.V.Thirumurugan

    Associate Director(CL),Department of Campus Administration,SRMIST

    Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Cell Nodal Officer,UBA-SRMIST.

  • Dr.P.Vijayakumar

    Assoc Prof/ECE, Cordinator Anjur Village and Project Lead

    Dept Of ECE Project @ Anjur village End-To-End Integrated Rationing System for Distribution of Provisions

  • Dr.T.Deepa

    Assoc. prof /ECE, UBA-Coordinator- Orathur Village and Project lead

    Dept of ECE Project @ Orathur village Reverse osmosis plant for rural water treatment.

  • Dr. B. Samuel Jacob

    AP/Biotech Coordinator Nattarasanpattu village and Project lead

    Dept of Biotechnology Project @ Orathur village Versatile Anaerobic reactor for Households to Yield Biogas by Utilizing waste (KISAN VAHYU)

  • Dr.K.S.Vignesh

    Kollathur Village, Coordinator

    UBA-SRMISTAsst.Prof School of Public Health,SRMIST


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    SRMIST participates in rural education and infrastructure development.

    On 18th July 2019, with the help of II year Civil Engineering students, the UBA cell of SRMIST conducted Training Needs Assessment Survey at Govt High School, Anjur. The aim of the survey was to identify gaps in learning, inadequate facilities in school and provide for upliftment of the school's infrastructure.

    All the students and teachers cooperated in completing the survey, which will be analysed and their priority needs will be addressed upon approval from SRM Management.



    The Maintenance Department of SRMIST fixed broken Indian closets and tiles in toilets and provided an extension of water line for urinals. The sewage was cleaned and closed with proper manhole. Valves for drinking waterline, toilet waterline, washbasin waterlines were fixed to stop water leakage. The children were taught about effective water management practices, ill-effects of stagnant water and spread of water-borne diseases. 

    The classrooms got new fans and old fans were repaired. 

    The old desks and benches got a new coat of paint. With the school re-opening in June 2019, the students were happy using their newly painted furniture.

    The school walls were beautified by paintings of portraits of personalities and Thirukural



    A request was made by the people and Panchayat Leaders of Orathur, Kundrathur block, Kancheepuram.  The Ration Shop (Public Distribution System) at Orathur that did not have a sunshade gets a new asbestos sheet covering. People no longer have to stand in the sun while getting their ration.

  • Students from Teesside University, UK participate in community development project under UBA

    Students from Teesside University, UK participate in community development project under UBA

    Students from mixed-disciplines (English, Computer Science, Dental, Aerospace Engineering, Economics) from Teesside University, Middlesborough, UK participated in ongoing community development activities under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan at Anjur village, Kattankulathur.

    Ms.Irene Sambath briefed about the objectives of UBA and the ongoing activities of SRMIST at the adopted villages. Starting 8th July to 12th July, the international students along with their tutor Dr.Simon Lynch visited the Govt High School, Panchayat Union Primary School, Panchayat Office and local residents at Anjur. They observed the rural realities, had an opportunity to interact with Panchayat Officers and villagers.
    With residents of Pavalar Colony
    On their first day, the students observed the educational process, student-teacher interaction, the academic curriculum and learning practices of students at the High School and Primary School.
    At the School's morning assembly
    The school staff took them around the campus, and showed the existing facilities and challenges they faced due to shortcomings in facilities.
    Attending English class of Grade 11
    With students of Grade 9
    The following day, the international students took turns and took lessons for Grade 9 students on topics:
    1. Spoken English - How to greet?
    2. Dental hygiene
    3. Maths - Pythagorus theorum
    4. How computers and mobiles work?
    Taking lessons and Interacting with students
    At the Primary School, the international students took class on Dental Hygiene and correct brushing practices. They donated toothbrushes to all children.

    All children receive new toothbrush
    The teachers had requested for blackboard painting and electrical work in class rooms and school kitchen. This was done with the help of the international students and electricians from Maintenance Department, SRMIST.
    Painting all blackboards
    Fixing fans, tubelights, new switch box, Repairing all worn-out electric wires and reworking connection in classrooms and kitchen. 
    Removing stagnant water in the water storage tank in boys toilet by providing an exit outlet. 
    As a kind gesture, the international students contributed their money Rs.3000 for those children who had only one set of uniform. The teachers were thankful to them as this money will help those deserved children to buy a new uniform.
    On behalf of Teesside students, Dr. Simon Lynch donating money for buying new uniforms for deserved children
    On 10th July 2019, "Medical Camp and Distribution of educational learning kits for science lab" was organised at Govt High School, Anjur. Close to 450 students, their parents and local residents were screened at the High School premise and close to 70 students were screened at the Primary School premise. The Medical Camp included Dental, Eye and General Check-up. At the inaugural function, the international students and their tutor were felicitated.

    Felicitating the Teesside students at the Inaugural event

    Interacting and playing with children
    The students from Teesside University remarked that they had an enriching experience and are looking forward to support UBA program in future through their University.
  • Medical Camp and Distribution of educational learning kits for Science Lab at Anjur

    Medical Camp and Distribution of educational learning kits for Science Lab at Anjur

    As a part Unnat Bharat Abhiyan activities, SRMIST organized “Medical Camp and Distribution of educational learning kits for Science Lab” on 10th July 2019 at Govt High School and Primary School, Anjur, one of the five UBA adopted villages.
    Dignitaries at the inaugural event
    Prayer Song - Tamil Thai Vazhthu by students

    Dr.V.Thirumurugan, Associate Director (Campus Life) and UBA Nodal Officer, SRMIST welcomed the gathering. He acknowledged the SRM teams whose technology intervention proposals have been sanctioned by MHRD, New Delhi.
    Welcome address by Dr.V.Thirumurugan, Associate Director (CL), UBA Nodal Officer, SRMIST
    Dr.M.Logaraj, Head of Community Medicine, SRMIST briefed about the objectives of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan. 
    Special address by Dr.M.Logaraj, HOD Community Medicine, SRMIST

    Dr.K.Vijayakumar, Head of EEE Department, SRMIST initiated the idea of equipping the science lab. Mr.Kartar Singh, Director International Relations, SRMIST expressed his gratitude to SRMIST and the School’s Management for working towards a good cause.
    Mr. Kartar Singh, Director International Relations, SRMIST addressing the gathering
    Mr.A.Jayapal, PTA President and Mr.A.Baskar, Head Master of Anjur Govt High School were immensely thankful to SRMIST for organizing the medical camp and donating the experimental learning kits for their science lab. 
    Mr.A.Jayapal, PTA President, Govt High School, Anjur
    Mr.A.Baskar, Head Master, Govt High School, Anjur
    Mr.Bharathi, Panchayat Officer, Anjur graced the occasion. All the dignitaries were felicitated during the function.

    Dr.C.Muthamizhchelvan, Director (E&T), SRMIST in his presidential address offered SRM’s continued support towards the upliftment of the school’s facilities.
    Dr.C.Muthamizhchelvan, Director (E&T), SRMIST delivering Presidential address
    The event was also attended by a team of international students from Teesside University, Middlesbrough, UK, who have been on a week-long field visit, observing and participating in community development activities under UBA at Anjur. Dr. Simon Lynch, their Principal Lecturer remarked about their enriching experience and is looking forward to support this program in future through their University.
    Felicitating the International students from Teesside University, UK
    Dr. Simon Lynch, Principal Lecturer, Teesside University, Middlesborough, UK

    Ms.Irene Sambath, UBA Project Associate coordinated and hosted the event
    The inaugural event was followed by visit to Science Lab where the Science teacher and students explained the theory, process and applications of the experimental kits. The International students from Teesside University had helped in setting up the Science Lab.

    List of experimental kits donated:

    Solar panel and LED kit
    Microbial fuel cell with LED
    Magnetic levitation learning kit
    Hydroelectric power generation kit
    Solar powered robotic kit
    Piezoelectric generation kit
    Thermoelectric generation kit
    Study on basic electronic devices
    DC motor and Generator learning
    Study on magnetic properties – kit
    Security alarm learning kit
    Water level indicator kit
    Electric charges learning kit
    Demorgan’s law
    Verification of electrical fundamental laws-Trainer kit

    Pictures of Medical Camp - Dental, Eye and General Check-up

    Close to 450 students, their parents and local residents were screened at High School premise and close to 70 students were screened at Primary School premise.



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