Development of adopted villages through VDP with understading.


The Associate director(CL) and Faculties Coordinate ... and their contribution.

  • Dr.V.Thirumurugan

    Nodal Officer-UBA, Associate Director(CL)

    I long for the raised voice, the howl of rage or love.

  • Dr.P.Vijayakumar

    Project Lead

    Dept Of ECE Project @ Anjur village End-To-End Integrated Rationing System for Distribution of Provisions

  • Dr.T.Deepa

    Project lead

    Dept of ECE Project @ Orathur village Reverse osmosis plant for rural water treatment.

  • Dr. B. Samuel Jacob

    Project lead

    Dept of Biotechnology, School of Bioengineering Project @ Orathur village Versatile Anaerobic reactor for Households to Yield Biogas by Utilizing waste (KISAN VAHYU)


  • Health Camp & Fair at the Government School, Patravakkam Village.


    Under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan SRMIST, the Team of Initiating Fusion SRMIST conducted a competition for school students at Patravakkam Panchayat Union Middle school which is located near Mahindra World City on 15th February 2020. The team conducted various activities in the school in which almost all the students participated. The students from 1st to 4th standards were given painting sheets where as the students of 5th to 8th were provided with A3 sheets on which they designed various cartoons.

    Swachhata & plastic Awareness pledge was taken by all the students in-order to take care of their hygiene and also to keep their surroundings clean.

     A Health camp was conducted by SRMIST Doctors. Many villagers took part in the Health camp.


     Games like car racing, break the pyramid, number sum were also conducted. A tattoo stall was also set up by the members of the association. The classes in the school were decorated with charts and banners. Gifts and goodies were distributed to the children.

    Dr. V. Thirumurugan, Associate director (Campus life) and UBA-SRMIST Nodal officer graced the event with their presence and helped in organizing the event. The president of IT Association

    Ms. M. Safa along with the faculty of IT department, Prof. Nithya and Ms. Keerthi, Project Associate of UBASRMIST took part in this event. The team was really contented and pleased to see smile on the faces of the children. Sharing some valuable moments with the children will be humanitarian work.

  • UBA-REGIONAL WORKSHOP for the Orientation of Participating Institutes Held at SRMIST


    Regional Workshop for the Orientation of Participating Institutes to Initiate Work in the Adopted Village Clusters has been organized by SRM Institute of Science and Technology under the ageis of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan 2.0, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, in association with IIT  Madras, Regional Co-ordinating Institute, UBA, held at Dr. TP Ganesan Auditorium, SRMIST, Kattankulathur, on 25.01.2020.
    Dr. V. Thirumurugan, Associate Director, Campus Life and UBA Nodal Officer, SRMIST, formally welcomed the gathering. Dr. Sandeep Sancheti, Vice Chancellor, SRMIST, presided over the inauguration. The workshop has kick-started by Thiru. A. John Louis, IAS, District Collector of Chengalpattu. Prof. Devendra Jalihal, SEG, UBA, IIT Madras, has felicitated the event. The UBA activities of SRMIST have been briefed by Dr. T. Deepa, Organizing Team Member.
    Vice Chancellor said that the Unnat Bharat happens only at the root level and village level. “If the backbone is in healthy condition, the body will prosper, likewise the villages are in healthy condition, the country will prosper” he added in his presidential address. And also he mentioned that the village is not a place to visit and conduct one day cleaning and blood donation camp. This is the place where the technical community should act progressively and continuously. UBA and SRMIST are acting in the development of the villages in progressive manner. “We are able to do what we intend to do” said the Vice Chancellor.

    District Collector elaborated the challenges faced by the district administration in sanitation especially in safe disposal of solid waste from rural areas in his inaugural address. And also he said that there is a large division between rural students and urban students in concerned with the competitive examinations, this has to be minimized. “Urban migration can be stopped by creating opportunities for livelihood of village people, which will help them to live quiet healthy with clean and less pollution” he added.           
    More than 134 participants have been attended the workshop from various participating institutes of UBA from southern region. Followed by the inaugural session, technical sessions have been taken place by the various expertise in the field of rural development. Prof. Gopal Naik, IIM Bangalore, has briefed the ‘Application of IT in rural education’. Prof. Devendra Jalihal, IIT Madras, has given the talk on ‘A case for technological intervention in sustainable rural development’.

    The presentation on ‘Strategy for implementation of rural development activities and social acceptability’ has been given by Dr, Gyanmudra, National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad. Mr. Thirumalai Elango, Senior Technical Director, AT&T, USA, has lightened up the participants on ‘Rural development areas’. Mr. Suresh Mariaselvam, Independent Community Development Consultant, Chennai, has updated the participants in his talk on ‘Community based techno-social initiatives for development’. Women empowerment in villages has been discussed by Mr. P. Selvarajan, Additional CEO, Tamil Nadu State Livelihood Mission, Chennai.
    The panel discussion has been taken place as the closing session of the workshop on ‘Role of higher education institutions for sustainable development of villages’. In the valedictory session, the certificates were being presented to all the participants by the Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan, Director (E&T), SRMIST. Dr. P. Vijayakumar, Organising Team Member, SRMIST, has proposed the vote of thanks.

  • Swachh Campus Ranking 2019


    Notes on the “distribution of awards for Swachhata Activities” at New Delhi on 03.12.2019
                                                                                             Date: 12.12.2019

    Swachh Campus” Ranking 2019

    Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a clean India mission formulated by the Indian Government and it creates great initiative among the citizens of whole India making themselves aware of the importance of cleanliness. This mission aims to ensure sanitary facilities for all households and to eliminate open defecation in rural area apart from teaching the citizens to dispose of the waste mindfully to ensure hygienic and Green environment.
    Unnat Bharat Abhiyan is an ancillary initiative triggered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development involving all HEIs to address the issues of local communities through appropriate technology.

    The objectives of UBA are:
    1.            Building institutional capacity in Institutes of higher education in research and training relevant to the needs of rural India.
    2.            Provide Rural India with professional resource support from Institutes of Higher Education especially those which have acquired academic excellence in the field of science E&T and management.

    Swachhata Ranking award has been presented by the Ministry of Human Resource Development every year as a part of Swachh Bharat Mission to promote environment hygiene in the Higher Education institutes by involving powerful and influential base of Students and Teachers in the country and the awards are distributed based on the evaluation report of the Expert team nominated by the UGC and AICTE after evaluating required parameters. 
    SRM Institute of Science and Technology has participated in the “Swachh Campus” Ranking 2019, with reference to the call given by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the ranking was decided on the following factors.
    1.            Toilets adequacy and Maintenance
    2.            Garbage clearance systems
    3.            Hostel Kitchen hygiene and sophistication of equipment
    4.            Water purity, Storage, Distribution facility
    5.            Campus greenery and Rain water Harvesting
    6.            Use of solar Systems.
    7.            Village or neighborhood adoption for hygiene.  
                          The expert committee nominated by AICTE has visited our campus on 07.09.2019 and evaluated all the above factors with reference to the required parameters.
    Few salient features of the available facilities in our campus.
    v  We are maintaining a toilet Student ratio of 1: 2.3, which is the Highest among the participating Institutes.
    v  We have installed Solar System to Generate 1 MV Power.
    v  We have facilities like automated lighting system, solar Cooking System, Biogas Plant, Rain Water Harvesting Pits etc.
    v  We have a good Solid Waste Management system and the compost generated is used for Plants / Trees to make the Campus more greenery.
    v  Our Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) with latest technologies (M.B.B.R- Moving Bed Bio film Reactor) helps us to treat the sewage water rapidly, which is used in our dual plumbing system for Toilet cleaning.
    Based on the report of the expert committee, SRM Institute of Science and Technology has been ranked No.1 under the category of AICTE – Residential Universities by Ministry of Human Resource Development.
    Clean and Smart Campus award – 2019
    Clean and smart campus award is awarded by AICTE with an aim to engage all stakeholders particularly the student community to implement the technological interventions for cleanliness, sustainability and environment in the rural sector. The smart campus would ensure smart citizens, those who are “future-ready” for the smarter India. AICTE has formulated the awards under different categories and SRM Institute of Science and Technology comes under the category of “University / Deemed to be Universities running technical courses approved by AICTE. It is an activity undertaken by AICTE to boost the morale among the students to take forward the Swachhata activities to a greater height.

    The factors considered for the award are:
    v  Cleanliness in and around the campus and waste minimization.
    v  Water conservation and management including Waste water management and rouse rain water harvesting etc.
    v  Environment friendly activities adopted and practiced by the campus.
    v Greenery within the campus to provide pollution free air and carbon sink.
    The team nominated by AICTE visited our campus and evaluated all required parameters of the above mentioned factors.
    Based on their recommendation, the AICTE awarded 3rd Place for Clean and smart campus-2019.
    One Student One Tree award 2019
    AICTE under the guidance of Ministry of Human Resource Development has launched a drive to plant Tree Saplings involving Students / Faculties of all Higher Education Institutes across India under a plan “One Students One Tree”.
    The guidelines for this drive are as follows:
    v  Students and Faculties from the Institutes to Plant a tree.
    v  The name of the person who planted the Tree to be put up.
    v  Institutions to Maintain details of Tree Planted by Students / Facilities
    The students / Faculties / Staff of Institute of Science and Technology have taken active role in the drive and planted lot of trees in the campus, roadside, tank bunds and also in the UBA adopted villages to improve the Sustainability and greenery with the team work of maintenance and Agriculture departments.
    SRM Institute of Science and Technology has been awarded 1st Place under “One Students One Tree”


    The ceremony for distributing all the above three awards was held at New Delhi on 03.12.2019, in which our Registrar and Dean IQAC participated and the Registrar received the awards from the Hon’ble Minister of HRD .The event added few more feathers on the cap of SRMIST.
    All this happened due to the magnanimous support extended by the Management, unstinting support of the Faculties/ non-teaching staff and the consistent and sincere efforts taken by all the Maintenance teams and horticulture Wing of the Campus.
    Let all of us work together with the same spirit and tempo to achieve more rewards in future also.

  • PRAKRIT - SRMIST and ENACTUS implemented a community development project under UBA, Anjur Village.

     The students of SRM Institute of Science and Technology, with the support of Enactus International Non Profit Organisation had implemented a project PRAKRIT in Anjur Village under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan.

    • PRAKRIT is a project to help and train the women of Anjur village in "Paper bags  making" in order to improve their livelihood through entrepreneurial approach.
    • ENACTUS is an international non profit organisation dedicated for inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action. Guided by the educators and supported by the business leaders, the students took entrepreneurial approach to empower people to be a part of their own success.

    SRMIST and  Enactus conducted the first training workshop for the women workforce of scheduled tribe recruited for the Project Prakrit on 20th October 2019, (Sunday). The training session held at the local government school. 9 women were trained on cutting, folding and pasting procedures of making the paper bag by the Enactus team from 150gsm paper sheets.

    Training session at government school, Anjur.

    They conducted the second training workshop for another set of 6 women on 9th November 2019, (Saturday) and the training session was held at the backyard of the participant's residences. Finishing and folding of the paper bags was taught to get the final product with standard specifications.

  • Orathur Panchayat Union middle school students To Get Safe Drinking Water by UBA-SRMIST

    A function to inaugurate the R.O Plant for rural water Treatment in Panchayat Union Middle School Orathur was held at 10 AM today (14.11.2019) at Orathur Villages.

    Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) is a flagship program under Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India, with the aim of transforming rural India. Following the UBA which primarily focuses Rural Health, SRM Institute of Science & Technology (SRM IST) faculties has proposed many projects to make the rural development among the one titled “REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANTS FOR RURAL WATER TREATMENT ” proposal was submitted by Dr.T.Deepa , Associate professor/ECE Department , SRMIST with her project team members Hariprasad. S, Research Scholar/ECE, SRM IST, Maria Dominic Savio. M, Assistant Professor/ECE.  The total fund allocated for this proposal Rs.50, 000.
    During the project implementation Nodal officer of UBA, Dr. V. Thirumurugan, Associate Director Campus Life (CL), SRMIST supported by getting the fund to implement the project successfully on November 1st 2019. The opening ceremony of the SRM-UBA Project “REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANTS FOR RURAL WATER TREATMENT” was held on 14th NOV. 2019 at Panchayat Union Middle School , Orathur. 

    Dr. T.Deepa Associate professor/ECE , Project Head welcomed the chief guest Dr.C. Muthamizhchelvan , Director E&T  SRMIST Chennai, , Dr.V.Thirumurugan , Associate Director campus life (CL), Nodal officer of UBA, SRMIST Chennai , Mr.Parthasarthy, Panchyat Secretary Mrs. S.Kavitha, Head Master, panchayat union middle school and Orthatur People head S.Subash.
     Dr.V.Thirumurugan has spoken about the various UBA fund received by SRM faculties for the orathur village.  Our chief guest Dr.C. Muthamizhchelvan addressed the school children and mentioned the importance of the water and role of the RO system in the presence of school students and conveyed Children’s Day wishes.

    Finally, the SRM-UBA project “REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANTS FOR RURAL WATER TREATMENT” was inaugurated by our chief guest.   At the end of session, School Head master Mrs.Kavitha and S.Subash conveyed thanks to SRM IST and UBA for implementing the project at Orathur School.

  • Rally against no single-use plastic, awareness drive organised by SRM Medical students,SRMIST-UBA

    SRM Medical students – Organized Swachhata Hi Seva" Campaign, took National Pledge and Shramdaan for Collection of Plastic Waste on 25.10.2019@ Thenmelppakkam village 

    UBA-SRMIST and SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre  organized a rally in Thenmelpakkam village of Kattankulathur Panchayat Union, an adopted village under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan at 9 am on 25.10.2019 to promote Swachhata Hi Seva awareness about plastic free village.
    Dr.V.V.Anantharaman, Prof. of Community Medicine, SRM Medical College was the Chief Guest and he flagged off the rally, highlighting the urgent need of plastic free society. A pledge avoiding the use of plastic was also taken by all the students and faculty.

    Awareness Campaign /Rally was organised in Thenmellpakkam village under swachhata hi seva 2019 Plastic Free village Campaign. The rally went round various streets of the village with anti-plastic slogans creating awareness among the villagers and took anti plastic pledge.

    Dr.V.Thirumurugan,  Nodal Officer-UBA and the Associate Director (CL) of SRMIST felicitated the event.

    Students & Faculties of SRM medical College, and Students & teachers from the local Panchayat middle school numbering 150 participants took part in the event. 
    As part of the campaign the volunteers picked up rags and paid visit to various shops and spread awareness among the shopkeepers and people they met on the need to build plastic less society.

    The rally students collected 30 kgs of banned plastic in the village and handed over to the panchayat for disposal.



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