Unnat Bharat Abhiyan of SRMIST organized a training session for UBA Coordinators and NSS Coordinators on preparation of GPDP (Gram Panchayat development Plan) using LSDGs (Localization of sustainable Development Goals) at SRMIST Campus. Session taken by Mr. Sharuk Khan, Faculty of SIRD&PR-Maraimalainagar. Programme started by 2:30PM in Vishveshvaraya hall of SRMIST. Before going into the session coordinators from NSS and UBA shared their experience on the community outreach program and challenges they faced during the program. Dr.V. Thirumurugan, Associate Director (CL) and Nodal Officer of UBA-SRMIST, welcome the chief Guest and honored him with a shawl and gift. Also welcomed all faculties for the session.

The session started with an overview of the importance of LSDGs and its relevance in the context of gram panchayats. Participants gained insights into how customizing global goals to local contexts can enhance community engagement and drive sustainable development initiatives. This session provided participants with guidelines and best practices for GPDP using LSDGs. Emphasis was placed on participatory approaches, community development and alignment with local priorities and resources. He explained in detail about role of academic institutions in preparation of GPDP which explained about Gram panchayat planning Facilitating Team (GPPFT), environment creation and community mobilization, Data collection- situation analysis etc. Resource person explained each LSDGs, and the activities comes under each goal and hoe PIs can perform these without any difficulties. Finally, he described about portal like Panchayat Development Index Portal. eswaraj portal etc. end of the session participants asked for some doubts and clarifications which is resolved by the resource person. Overall it was an informative session on LSDGs and its implementation on villages and its impact on the public.

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