The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Department of Computational Intelligence &  Department of Networking and Communications, in Association with  IE(I) KTR Local Center organized a Tree plantation at Anjur village and a free Medical Camp on “Community Based Rehabilitation for Musculoskeletal Pain Management for the benefit of the public at Anjur village on 28.03.2023. SRM College of Physiotherapy provided technical support to conduct the medical camp at the village premises.

The Medical Camp at Anjur village was inaugurated by Tmt. Selvi Devarajan, President and Thiru K. Nithyananthan, Vice President of Anjur Panchayat, along with Dr. V. Thirumurugan, Associate Director (Campus Life), Nodal officer, UBA/SBM-SRMIST, Dr. P. Vijayakumar, Professor, ECE, SRMIST and Dr. Arivazhagan, Asst. Prof, CINTEL, SRMIST. The faculty coordinators who attended the inaugural function are Mr. V. Nallarasan, Asst. Prof., NWC,        Mr. J. Prabakaran, Asst. Prof, NWC, Dr. M. Vimaladevi, Asst. Prof, CINTEL, Dr. A. Revathi, Asst. Prof., CINTEL and Mr. Dilliraj, Research Scholar, ECE, SRMIST.

The primary objective of this medical camp is to provide medical services to people who do not have access due to financial or geographical constraints. The present medical camps also aimed to promote health education and awareness among the population, including preventive measures and health-seeking behavior. Totally 56 residents of Anjur village attended the physiotherapy camp. Patients availed of free consultation, diagnosis and treatment in the medical camp. Physical therapy and rehabilitation activities aimed to enhance the quality of life for underprivileged people. Health conditions and therapy details were primarily highlighted during the counseling sessions. The chance to receive clinical physiotherapy training was also available to students during the camp. Our periodical medical camps play a vital role in improving the health of underserved populations and can lead to improved health outcomes and increased health awareness.

The success of medical camps has been witnessed based on careful planning, the collaboration between healthcare providers and community members, and effective implementation of the services. It is vital to continue organizing medical camps in underserved areas to promote public health and reduce health disparities.

Tree plantation is a critical activity that helps to maintain the ecological balance and combat climate change. Anjur village is a rural area in India facing environmental degradation due to deforestation, soil erosion, and declining water resources. In response to this problem, a tree plantation drive was initiated in Anjur village to promote reforestation and improve the environment. The Tree Plantation at the Anjur village followed the medical camp. The Headmaster of the Government Higher Secondary School, Anjur, supported planting 40 saplings around the school campus. All the members have actively taken part in tree plantation. The tree plantation drive in Anjur village has been a success, thanks to the collaboration between various stakeholders and the active involvement of the local community. The program has contributed to the ecological balance and improved the environment in the region. It is essential to continue this effort and expand it to other areas to achieve the goal of sustainable development.

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