Adolescent age brings in lot of questions in every individual who step into it. The questions related to bodily growth and the internal changes. The changes which happens within a girl’s body needs more attention but this is never addressed. To talk about Menstrual cycle is still considered a taboo. There are many who use a napkin or pad even without knowing how to use it.

On account of National Girl Child Day, the Internal Committee (IC) & Unnat Bharat Abhiyan of SRM IST, organised a program to educate girl children on ‘menstrual hygiene’ and girls’ safety. Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 3, 4, 5, and 6 aligns on the wellness, education, safety and clean sanitation as discussed among the school students on the topic Safety of Girls and Menstrual Hygiene.

Children in the age group of 12 or 13, who are in the adolescent stage and have attained puberty were the audience.

The event started with prayer song, followed by which Mr. Joesph Joyee K, the Headmaster of PUMS, Chettipunniyam delivered the welcome address.

The first session was on Safety of Girl’s by Dr. S. Ramya.  She started by explaining to them about the names and logos that were on the banner. Students were briefed on how the UN’s SDGs gives importance to good health, quality education, gender equality and clean water and sanitation. The role of internal committee and UBA and the connect all had with National Girl Child Day was narrated.

Dr. Bharanya briefed them in detail by showing them visual representation of the internal female genital organ and how the blood comes out. She told them about the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s initiative “Free days” which provides 6 sanitary pads at Rs.6. 

In the end there was a question session where students raised quite a few doubts like “why should we change the napkin? Should we take pills for stomach pain? Can we run during periods? etc. and the same was addressed by both the speakers.

Ms. Anju, UBA Associate delivered the vote of thanks by telling the students how blessed they were for having a group of people to educated them on issues which many will not talk in public.

The event ended with the National Anthem.

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