Unnat bharath abhiyan under SRMIST celebrated women’s day @ Orathur village held on 08.03.2021 in panchayat union middle school. More than 30 women’s were participated.

Welcome address given by Dr.T.Deepa Associate professor/ECE , started with a great motivational speech about women's in all professions , great success of women's in all professions like Army, air force, Navy, Athletics,  etc.,

Women's day special speech given by Mrs.s.Kavitha Head master , panchayat union middle school , Orathur.Explained a clear cut idea for why we are celebrating women's day and her motivational speech towards women's empowerment mainly for rural women's and ended with a fabulous poetry.

Dr. NDS. Subash, President of the parent’s teachers association, Orathur. Given a great speech about gender equality.

Chief guest Dr.M.Logaraj Associate Dean/student Affair inaugurated the event , speech about Women's education and explained about the importance of women's education with a beautiful quote “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a women you educate a whole family “. Speech towards women's education is motivational to all women's over there.

Doctors, nurses, MSW, were smoothly organized medical camp many women's @ Orathur village were benefited.

General checkup along with blood pressure and blood sugar were tested, drugs issued related to their health conditions.

Dr.V.Thirumurugan associate director/campus life, Nodal officer. UBA – SRMIST. Issued momento to mrs. S. Kavitha Head Master, panchayat union middle school,Orathur. And Dr.NDS.Subash president of the parent teachers association, Orathur. Beautifuly ended with vote of thanks.


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