Unnat Bharat Abhiyan-SRMIST, Faculty of Science and Humanities & College of nursing in association with Tambaram City Police organized and hosted a comprehensive awareness program on drug abuse, aiming to educate students and community about the harmful effects of substance misuse. The programme started with Tamil Thai Vazhthu by Nursing students. Dr.V. Thirumurugan, Associate Director Campus Life & Nodal Officer of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan-SRMIST warmly welcomed the Guest of Honor Shri.M. Siddhartha Sankar Rai, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Prohibition Enforcement Wing, Tambaram City Police. He extended his welcome address to Our beloved Deputy Registrar Dr. Antony Ashok Kumar, Dean Faculty of Science and Humanities Dr. A. Duraisamy. He also welcomed Dr.T. Lakshmanan Professor- Dept. Of Mechanical Engineering & NSS Programme Advisor – SRMIST, Also all the NSS, NCC Coordinators and faculties and students. Followed by welcome address, Dr. A. Duraisamy, Dean Faculty of Science and Humanities honored the Chief guest with memento and Token of love. Presidential address was delivered by Dr.D. Antony Ashok Kumar Deputy Registrar – SRMIST. He briefly spoke about the harmfulness of drug usage and how it is degrading the society and our nation in different ways and also how to tackle this global issue. Inaugural Address was given by Shri.Ravi Kumar, Inspector of Police, Prohibition Enforcement Wing, Tambaram City Police. He elucidated on the psychological and social impact of various drugs commonly abused. He highlighted the detrimental effects on health, relationships and overall well-being. Also elaborated on the legal aspects related to drug abuse. He discussed the laws governing possession, trafficking, and consumption of illicit substances. Special emphasis was placed on the consequence’s individuals face under the law when evolved in drug-related activities. And also shared his experience with such cases. Felicitation was given by Dr. A. Duraisamy, Dean Faculty of Science and Humanities. He talked about the impact and consequences faced by the families and relations when the people involved in such activities and how they will breakdown and that will lead to end of that particular family. That was an eye-opening speech to all. Everyone took a pledge on this occasion against drug abuse. Finally vote of thanks was delivered by Dr.T. Lakshmanan Professor- Dept. Of Mechanical Engineering & NSS Programme Advisor. He spoke about not only drug addiction but also about the mobile phone addiction among the younger generations how it will impact their life. Following the successful drug abuse awareness program, an impactful awareness rally was conducted with all the guests and faculties and students. This rally aimed to extend the reach of key messages about the dangers of drug abuse and reinforce community involvement in prevention efforts. Rally started from Dr. T.P. Ganesan Auditorium and proceed through Tech park, lake, arch gate covering all areas of the campus. Participants carried banners, posters and placards with slogan and messages against drug abuse. Which attracted the public attention and promote dialogue on the issue.

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