Global Handwashing Day was on October 15, 2021, a day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing to prevent diseases and save lives.

SRM school of public health conducts monthly awareness campaigns under UWP (University Wellness program). An event is conducted on monthly basis on several public health issues. As part of a campaign, October 25,2021, faculty, students, PHD scholars of the SPH conducted an awareness campaign on Hand Wash and Hygiene in Kolathur village, chengalpattu district. This is one of the 8 villages that are adopted by SRM.


Aim of the Campaign:

·     The main aim of the campagin was to create awareness among community members      of Kolathur through events like a skit, dance and a short awareness session.

·    To engage school students and the families in the community and  highlight their role in achieving effective handwashing , according to the WHO standards by following specific handwashing techniques.


·  We conducted the event in a government elementary school in Kolathur village,      chengalpattu district. The Panchayet leaders and Headmaster of the school were present and inauguarated the event.

·    SPH BPH students took part in a skit and dance where they acted out the do's and don’ts of handwashing and hygiene practices. which was guided by MPH students phD scholars and staffs.

·    An interactive session was conducted with the community members where we got to know what the community members thought in terms of the practices and what they do at home.

·  There were a series of games that were played by children present at the event. These games emphasized the handwashing techniquest that need to be practiced. Those who have arranged the cards were awarded with gifts as to encourage other kids to participate and learn the handwashing techniques and small gifts were given to them

·    A photobooth was developed by the MPH students, that was used to take pictures of students and community members. These pictures were used to promote and spread awareness on social media. 

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