SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRM IST), SRM Nagar, Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu. (Accredited by National Accreditation and Assessment Council as “3.55 out of 4 A++ grade Institute) Strength: 32073 Student & 2296 Faculties in SRMIST, Kattankulathur

 Campus Hostel: SRM IST has 27 hostels with modernized kitchens, toilets, & RO water facilities Implementation of SMART Technology at SRMIST: 

1. Waste Disposal: Institute generated waste from kitchen and hostel, is source segregated as wet and dry waste and send to a solid waste management yard for segregation in partnered with NGO “Hand in Hand” 

2. Recycling of Waste Water: 3 STP plants / 7 MLD capacity/plant at 3 locations recycles 100% of waste water producing 7 million l/day recycled water is used for toilet flushes, gardening, recharging groundwater, and the excess water is stored in a lagoon inside the campus to be used during water scarcity. 

3. Food Waste Recycling for Bio Gas production: The food waste generated in the hostel where the inmates are around 12000 is sent to 5 different bio gas plants /each 90m3 capacity and the bio gas generated is used in the hostel mess for cooking purpose. Recently a bio-methanation plant is installed which is capable of replacing 90 kg of LPG gas per day. 

4. Hostel Kitchen Facilities SRMIST hostel has modernized kitchen with hi-tech facilities like chimney, solar steam cooking and large dining area with granite flooring sufficient tables and chairs cleaned three times a day. RO Plants located in various places provides 4 lakhs liters RO drinking water /day to be used in hostels and academic places for students and faculties.

 5. Campus greenery: SRMIST has 30 percent greenery exhibited in a football turf measuring 3.5 acres with sprinkler facilities. 

 6. Solar Power Generation 1MW capacity Solar panels are the major renewable energy source with grid connection to the main power supply at SRMIST. Installation of Solar water heaters in all hostels & solar steam cooking system in mess block has saved our LPG gas use. Solar Steam Cooking System with Concentrated Solar Technology has 37 Nos of scheffler dish concentrators of each 16 m2 area. The system is designed to deliver 1500 kg of steam per day (max.) with temperatures up to 140oC. 

 7. Unnat Bharat Abhiyan - Adoption of Villages Through Unnat Bharat Abhiyan scheme SRMIST has adopted five villages, (Orathur, Nattarasanpattu - Kundrathur Block, Thenmelpakkam, Anjur, Pattaravakkam – Kattankulathur Block, Kancheepuram District) and about 400 to 500 households / village. About 2,500 households have been sensitized vaious sustainable Development goals like clean environment, clean drinking water, Ban plastic etc. Residents were also educated on waste disposal. SRMIST received UBA 2.0 funds for development & customization of technology for the following projects
 • Versatile Anaerobic reactor for households to yield biogas utilizing waste - for Orathur Village 
• End-To-End integrated Rationing system for Distribution of Provisions -for Anjur Village
 • Reverse osmosis plant for rural water Treatment –for Orathur village 

SRM IST Students conducted surveys in the village. Supplied Electronics kits to the Science Lab of Government High School, Anjur, Electrical faults in the school buildings were rectified and the drinking water pump was serviced. Supplied Desk/Benches to Thenmelpakkam Panchayat Union Elementary School. 

 SRMIST has been the active Organization partner with IIT, Bombay for Gandhi Global Solar Yatra – Student Solar Ambassador Workshop 2019 to be launched globally on 02.10.2019.

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