Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, SRM Institute of Science and Technology(UBA-SRM IST) conducted online webinar - ORGANIC GARDENING on 4th July 2020 at 4pm for SRM adopted village people and various participants of Participating Institutes, UBA, and Tamil Nadu under UBA.

Dr.V.Thirumurugan, Associate Director, Campus Life, UBA Nodal Officer of SRM IST has started the program and he has emphasized the importance of conducting online webinar for SRM adopted village people.

Dr. T.Deepa, Associate Professor, ECE, SRM IST delivered the welcome address.

During the program she welcomed Dr.Leenus Martin, Director of Campus Life, and SRM IST, Associate Director of CL, coordinators and participants. She introduced about speaker and his experience in the Agriculture field.

Speaker has given speech about Organic, Terrace, Roof and Kitchen Gardening from the grassroots level.   Then the village people were actively participated and asked queries during the session.  He has answered for all participants queries. Finally, Director of CL , SRM IST also shared his experience with some photos taken on his terrace gardening

About Speaker:Mr. N.Madhu Balan has studied B.Sc (Agri) in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore 1979-1983. He joined from service in August 2016, putting 33 years of service. During Govt service He had experience in Agmark marketing for 5 years, agriculture field officer for more than 25 years and quality control officer for 5 years.

During his service, he has contacted as many as possible number of farmers and visited their fields to know their field experiences of farmers and studied the practical difficulties faced by them. Then He decided to render my wholehearted service to those to create awareness about the latest technologies invented by researchers. Moreover, his experience in field diverted towards insight of organic farming understanding the drawbacks of usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to the field.

Moreover, he has found a number of educated youngsters want to turn their head towards agriculture in a motive to improvise the traditional ways of their old generation always complaining loss in crop cultivation. Since He showed an interest in computer which gave an idea of creating a web site naming as “VIVASAYAM KARKALAM” which means let us learn agriculture. He started this in 2012 and slowly group of people started to show their interest in this website and now the numbers have increased to 20,000 members. He used to give ways and means of agricultural technology in simple local language which created a great impact among farming community. Through this web site he is able to reach thousands of them every day very easily. They use to share their experiences, problems and agriculture prospects and production of quality agricultural produce and also export opportunities. 

Moreover, His agriculture articles were published in newspapers and agriculture book publications. He was invited by FM radio station to give speech about the preparation of organic solutions to kick the pest and diseases of crops in a healthy manner for He has received good welcome among the listeners and He has released a compact disc as requested by them. He has given speeches in farmers meetings, teacher’s gatherings, fertilizer dealers about multifarious field technologies.  He has owned terrace garden and give my experiences in radio about terrace gardening for the benefit of urban publics making them also involved in agriculture. He was invited by Podhigai Television and also honoured in PUDIYADOR ULAGU SEIVOM



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