SRM Institute of Science and Technology conducted a Student Solar AmbassadorWorkshop 2019 at its premises in Kattankulathur on the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. This was organized by SRMIST in association with IIT Bombay as part of the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan. The chief guest for the event was Vice Chancellor of SRMIST, Dr Sandeep Sancheti. Guest of honour was District Education Officer, Chengalputtu, A Prabakar.
 The Student Solar Ambassador Workshop, the seed concept of Gandhi Global Solar Yatra, is aimed at sensitizing the young generation. At the event, over 1,000 students from 13 schools were given hands on training on how to assemble a solar study lamp. Students also took a pledge of non-violence towards environment.
 Speaking at the event, Associate Director (Campus Life) of SRMIST, Dr.V.Thirumurugan said that the event was organized in association with IIT Bombay. “The funds for this workshop and solar lamps were approved by Founder Chancellor of SRMIST and Member of Parliament, Dr Parivendhar. The motive of this workshop is to help younger generation   to tap solar energy. They were given   hands on training to assemble solar study lamps.”
 Dr Sandeep Sancheti in his address to students said that it was important to have a healthy living conditions because it would make their life happy. He also added Cleanliness is very important and it would lead for a long and healthy life. For this we have to keep our own places clean first and throw waste in open spaces. This should be the core message of this event As part of SRMIST’s initiative, NSS volunteers cleaned Potheri village on 2 October 2019. “Our Chancellor has been kind enough to support this drive so that under-privileged students who have no access to electricity will be able to benefit through this solar drive and have a chance to use solar lamps which are cost effective and user friendly.
 District Education Officer, A Prabakar said, “The situation today has changed drastically from the time he grew up and Children now a days are more knowledgeable as they get to know more information about several topics from different sources. Tamil Nadu is second in terms of education in India and our students are excelling in all aspects of life.  He also congratulated SRMIST for being social conscious and taking steps to help students in having quality education.
 Two Technical Talks one on Climate Change and the other on Solar Photovoltaic Systems were held for students. Dr. R. Senthil narrated a deep insight into the current Climatic scenario and how the young generation must take up sustainable development as their life’s objective to create a better place for themselves and the future generation.
Dr R. Sridhar gave an electrifying technical talk on the topic solar photovoltaic systems and then went on how versatile solar PV has grown in today’s world.

 The Student Solar Ambassadors were accommodated to their respective training classrooms which acted as hubs of disseminating the knowledge and skills from the trainers to their trainees. The Volunteers from ASCE and maintenance staff help the trainer in 45 classrooms in university building for distribution of kids, projectors and PA system arrangements .

 The valedictory function was held in a massive auditorium and the venue was filled with light from thousand solar lamps lights and joyful faces of SSA. Thousand lamps were jiggled in the tiny hands, which was glorious spectacle to witness and the guests of honor were truly awe-struck and were convinced that the new generation was the pure and bright light of hope for the betterment of the world.  The participants, school   , teachers and parents were really very happy and satisfied that they have indulged themselves in this global event SSA -2019, which is for a social cause.  

Feedbacks from the headmasters, teachers and students were confirmed about their real understanding of the present condition of our planet and the dangers of global warming. Further, they expressed about their gratitude and enhanced confidence level towards the mitigation of climate change. They all together assured to strive for improving sustainability through non-violence towards the environment with a group pledge. Dr. R. Senthil expressed vote of thanks to each and everyone involved directly and indirectly to make this event successful and most importantly to the confident younger minds to become real Student Solar Ambassadors of our nation. The great SSA 2019 event concluded with National Anthem at 5.00 pm and Student Solar Ambassadors dispersed happily with a ray of hope.

Experience of the participating in SSA workshop.
Trainers View:
1.SSA program was a kick start for creating awareness of solar energy to the students. This program was conducted at the right time for the targeted age of students...SSA promoting education, importance of solar energy and awareness of global warming in a single product ( program)- "solar study lamp " . Felt very proud to be part of this  awareness program.

Mr.Vengatesan AP
Department of Automobile Engineering

2.This workshop was really all the students  participated enthusiastically and felt happy while taking the kit as their own. Thanks  for given this opportunity to me also. 

Mr.Kalimuthu AP(Sr.G)/ ECE 

3.My heartfelt wishes to the team organising this workshop
Students had enjoyed while assembling solar pv lamp kit  and they asked questions how the green and red light is glowing in the same led and clarify their doubts.students learnt more from this workshop.Not only solar lamp is illuminating thousand young minds also illuminating.Thank you sir                      .          

ECE department

4.Felt proud to be part of this event. Feel happy by created awareness of Renewable energy to the future generation.
Save nature. Save lives.

Asst Prof.(Sr.G)/EEE

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