On August 19, 2023, at Nandhivaram Guduvanchery, the Paarivendhar Students Tamil Association in association with Unnat Bharat Abhiyan 2.0 organized a remarkable event for the birthday of Hon'ble Dr. T.R. Paarivendhar MP, the Chancellor of SRM University. The event saw the collective efforts of SRM university students, faculty, and local community members in planting 100 trees along the Nandhivaram riverside. This initiative not only celebrated a milestone birthday but also aligned with a shared commitment to environmental sustainability.

The event brought together an impressive line-up of individuals who played key roles in ensuring its success. SRMIST Estate Officer Mr. R. Arunachalam and Campus Life Associate Director Dr. V. Thirumurugan provided guidance and support to the organizing team, demonstrating the university's dedication to eco-conscious initiatives. The event's impact extended beyond the university, with local dignitaries and community leaders participating. The presence of the Municipality President, Co-President, and Commissioner, as well as Nandhivaram-Guduvanchery area councilors, showcased a collaborative effort to enhance the environment. Moreover, the involvement of public members reflected a strong sense of collective responsibility.

Under the guidance of experts and enthusiastic volunteers, the tree planting endeavor symbolized a commitment to combat deforestation and promote a greener ecosystem. A variety of indigenous tree species were carefully selected to ensure long-term sustainability and biodiversity enhancement. The event not only celebrated Hon'ble T.R. Paarivendhar MP's birthday but also underscored his passion for environmental conservation. The trees planted will stand as a living testament to his dedication to creating a better and greener future.

The Paarivendhar Students Tamil Association's tree planting initiative stands as a shining example of how a collective vision for a sustainable future can come to fruition. The event brought together SRM University's leadership, students, faculty, local officials, and the public in a joint effort to create an eco-friendlier environment. As these trees flourish, they will serve as a reminder of the power of unity and shared responsibility.

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