Social entrepreneurship, Swachhata and Rural Engagement Cell  (SESREC)



Social Entrepreneurship, Swachhta and Rural Engagement cell (SESREC) SRMIST conducted online workshop on 21st January 2021 a topic of “Best IDEA Implementing in Social Entrepreneurship” for ‘Best Social Entrepreneurship Business plan’

Convenor Dr.V.Thirumurugan  Associate director(CL) Nodal officer-UBA SRMIST

Program coordinator/speaker B.S.C Naveen kumar (MGNCRE) and Narender babu darla

Welcome address by Dr.T.Deepa Associate professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Dr.K.S.Vignesh assistant Professor, SRM School of Public Health.

Speaker B.S.C Naveen kumar(MGNCRE) gave an clear idea about “Best IDEA Implementing in social entrepreneurship” for ‘Best Social Entrepreneurship Business Plan’, more than 38  students were participated and had a great experience, Knowledge and interaction with the speaker. At the end of the session participants came up with the best social entrepreneurship business plan and with new ideas.

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