• Our Mission

    “The future of rural India is intertwined with its ability to integrate Science and Technology”

    Dr.S.Radhakrishnan Keeping the above inspiration in mind, SRMIST has committed to work for the rural people in identifying development challenges and involving appropriate solutions for accelerating sustainable growth.

    “Smart acts, when multiplied by thousands of people can transform India”. Unnat Bharat Abhiyan is an ancillary initiative triggered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development involving all HEIs to address the issues of local communities through appropriate technology.

      The objectives of UBA are:

    1.Building institutional capacity in Institutes of higher education in research and training relevant to the needs of rural India.

     2.Provide Rural India with professional resource support from Institutes of Higher Education especially those which have acquired academic excellence in the field of science E&T and management.

     UBA mission is open to everyone to participate under different categories and SRM IST has participated at the national cause as a participating Institute. It is a flag ship programme of the MHRD with intention to enrich rural India and to create vibrant relationship between the society and the higher education institutes, which are to provide knowledge and Technology support for the upliftment of the rural people.

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